Forgot Monday; sick Wednesday; and after Thursday, odds are I’m pretty much done with political anything for a good, long, time.

This means that there likely won’t be any, future, updates here, which I’m sure is a crushing blow to all 100-odd of you coming here regularly.

It was a fun 4 months! 

Cya around. 

Operation Fast & Furious: Media Coverage Venn Diagram:

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And lest you think I’m joking (or being way over-the-top), more than a few game ‘journalists’ and arch-idiot Peter Molyneux have said, explicitly, that the two-screen set-up of the WiiU could be considered confusing:

"I am not really decided about Wii U. I watch people playing and they sometimes seem to be confused about which screen they should look at when they play with the tablet. I also feel that monitoring both screens turns out to be a bit demanding, as some games make it necessary to change your view from time to time between both screens.

Yes, incredibly difficult. Like driving *and* checking the speedometer all at the same time! Oh no!

Or riding a bicycle *and* taking in the scenery! Look out! Your eyes aren’t on the road! It’s too demanding!

And maybe even: “I’m Peter Molyneux and it’s hard for me to be even reasonably fair since I’m still in thrall to sweet, sweet, Microsoft stock options! Plus, I’ve been so honest in regards to my own, utterly banal ‘but you believe me when I said it was the second coming of Christ Fable series’—every, single, damn, time!—for the past decade that you can totally take my word as an expert on all things gaming!” Impossible! (And totally predictable.)

Only in the world of game ‘journalism’ could something like the WiiU be considered a hard sell and only in the world of game ‘journalism’ can someone that’s a relentless shill be considered a credible source.

You laugh: another 5-point drop on his internal polling, and he’ll be selling White House furniture on eBay to raise money:

Bigger version here.

I have all these apolitical or barely political strips to use, but our esteemed President just can’t help making (bad) news (and illegal policy) nearly every day:


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Prometheus is awesome—go see it (even if it offends your religious sensibilities):


Heresy ahead: I don’t care much for Ace—I don’t find him particularly funny, and he didn’t comport himself well in the lead up to, during, and after the November 2010 elections (when I finally threw in the towel)—but this has been brought to my attention, re: L’affair du Kimberlin, and I do support the gesture, so…go read this and I’ll see you Monday.